HOCK Live classes

The most recognizable CMA tutor in the world with 20+ years of teaching experience is coming to you. Brian Hock will lead 16 live, one-hour online classes from August through December to keep you on track to pass Part 2 in the January/February 2021 testing window. All weekly classes will be archived if you are not able to attend live, or want to watch again. In addition, there will also be online office hours with Brian by appointment to answer your questions. 

Space is Limited - Enroll Now in CMA with Brian!

Live classes around the world using HOCK materials

Even if there are no live classes near you, the HOCK CMACIA, and CPA materials are available worldwide, including videos that provides a full classroom experience over the Internet.

When companies use authentic HOCK materials in their classes, each student receives an account with HOCK. Any candidate provided materials without also receiving a HOCK account does not have access to authentic HOCK materials, and will not get updates or support from HOCK.

HOCK international Preferred Partners

HOCK works closely with our Preferred Partners to ensure the highest quality instruction using authentic HOCK materials. Brian Hock conducts on-site visits with these partners every year, so be sure to ask about any upcoming events!

HOCK Egypt - Cairo

CMA offered
Contact: Mona Sobhy
Web Site: www.hockinternational.com
Phone: +202 226 171 24

HOCK Pakistan

CMA offered
Contact: Ejaz Khan
Web Site: www.hockinternational.com/pakistan/

HOCK UAE - Dubai

CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Fouad Ahmed
Web Site: www.hockuae.com
Phone: +971 4 550 6329

Sarh Al-Joman Training - Amman, Jordan

CMA, CIA, CPA offered
Contact: Ms. Lubna Kayed
Web Site: sarhgroups.com
Phone: +962-6-5661562

HOCK international Partners

HOCK Partners provide authentic HOCK materials with enrollment in their classes. Except for courses that are run by HOCK international or HOCK Training, HOCK makes no representations about the quality of the courses provided.

Online Classes

Kolkata, India
CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Kalyani
Web Site: www.ifcpltd.com
Phone: +91-8334900449
Phone: +91-8697512642

SIFA Education

Madurai, India
CMA offered
Contact: Prof. Raja Saravanan
Web Site: www.sifaeducation.com
Phone: +91 99941 68122


CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Edward Pilkevich
Web Site: hockinternational.by
Phone: +375 (17) 268 49 98


CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Mr. Naser Mansour
Web Site: -
Phone: 962-6-5537762


CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Lyazat Sarieva
Web Site: kz.hockinternational.com
Phone: 7 (727) 382-39-49


CMA offered
Contact: Samer Katrib
Web Site: www.yieldstraining.com
Phone: (+961) 1 425 325

Malaysia / Online

Based in Malaysia
CIA offered
Contact: GB
Web Site: arlcoach.com
Phone: +60146799811 (Whatsapp)


CIA offered
Contact: fadi.theodory@gmail.com
Phone: 0568181142


CMA, CPA, CIA and custom courses offered
Contact: info@businessbox.com.qa
Web Site: businessbox.me
Phone: +974 4447 0915


CMA and CIA offered
Contact: moscow@hocktraining.com
Web Site: www.hocktraining.com
Phone: 7-495-461-00-80


CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Adla M. Al Tayeb
Web Site: aloulafas.com
Phone: 0122420831


CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Yana Morgunova
Web Site: -
Phone: 38-044-234-0377

United Arab Emirates

CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Alex Mathew
Web Site: edudelphi.com
Phone: +971 52 908 6650 / +971 4 396 3634

CMA and CIA offered
Contact: Muhammad Irfan
Web Site: mindsuae.com
Phone: 06 561 2230, 06 561 4430